This course is an approved Alberta provincial prerequisite for the Security Worker's License.

You must successfully complete this course in order to obtain a license to work as a security guard in the province of Alberta.

During this course, you will become proficient in the skills required of a security professional, including:

  • Understanding of the law
  • Basic patrol duties
  • Communications
  • Documentation
  • Emergency scene management

The goals of this course are to help you gain confidence in your abilities, and to prepare you to meet the challenges of working in security. The instructional materials and activities have been designed to increase your knowledge of the daily duties and responsibilities of a security professional. Use the opportunities for practice and feedback in this course to develop your skills well before you need to use them.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the components of dress, deportment, and behaviour required of a security professional
  • Explain federal and provincial legislation relevant to the work of a security professional
  • List the knowledge and skills required to perform basic patrol duties
  • Apply a professional and effective communication style for managing and controlling incidents
  • Demonstrate proficiency and accuracy in note-taking and report writing
  • Explain how to manage an emergency situation
  • Maintain personal safety and wellness while working as a security professional


This course is delivered by an 40-hour* online course and an in-person registered final exam session. You will receive access to the online course upon purchasing this product, and your in-class exam will take place on that date you select. You MUST complete the in-class portion of the course prior to the exam date, or you will be required to reschedule your exam for a future date (at your cost).

Please ensure that you allow yourself enough time to complete the online portion prior to your scheduled exam. 


All exams are currently being conducted online. Students will need a computer to write their exam on, and will be remotely monitored by a third-party proctor. 




You must successfully pass (100%) your entire online course component and receive your certificate before your final exam session. Failure to complete the online portion before your registered exam date will require you to register for a rewrite of your final exam at additional cost.


In order to receive a certificate (indicating successful completion of this course) and be eligible to complete your in-person provincial licensing exam, you must complete all seven modules of this course. Quizzes will be included throughout the course to test your knowledge. A grade of 100% is required on all quizzes to continue on in your training, demonstrating a complete understanding of the previous material. Upon successful completion you will be able to write your in-person provincial licensing exam.


If you have a certificate showing completion of the ABST course with another training provider, or you need to re-write your exam and completed your course with XA, you may register for an in-class exam session only. 

* Online learning times will vary depending on the learner

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