Hostile customer interactions are on the rise.

This is John.

He manages a retail grocery store in a busy urban centre near a public transit station.

John and his team of 12 used to only have an occasional incident at their store. Now, there's an average of 10 disruptions per day.

This has John and his team frustrated and tired, and he worries for their safety when he's not around.

We can help.

Our de-escalation training teaches practical skills to workers facing challenging customer interactions.

Through a self-directed online course, we use relatable storytelling and engaging content to build confidence around early intervention and help everyone stay cool.

Once you have completed the online fundamentals, level up with an optional instructor-led skills development clinic.

We are experience ambassadors.

Since 2004, we have provided the teams that set up, clean up, and protect audiences at Alberta's concerts and music festivals, sporting events, and mass gatherings.

Today, we help businesses keep their people, property, and brands safe with progressive security and training solutions that empower people to make great decisions.

Empower your staff

We relate our own real life experiences to give learners the confidence to manage challenging situations.

Be memorable

Nothing brings relief to a crowd faster than a calm, successful de-escalation of a tense situation. Be remembered for saving the day, not losing control.

Enjoy the calm

Employ simple fundamentals that will help you maintain a calm, inviting workplace.



Progressive solutions that empower people.