We believe
in doing
the right thing.

Security guards should be smart first, physical last.

Site Security . Crowd Management . Mobile Patrol . Training . First Aid Gear . Event Teams

Calgary and Edmonton


Those days are over.

We don't even cross our arms. Seriously. That's one of our policies!

We are a balanced, people-focused team driven by self improvement.

But most importantly,

We're nice.

We help businesses keep their people, property, and brand images safe with progressive security guards and training solutions that empower people to make great decisions.

Mobile Patrols

We use QR-code patrol software to efficiently care for properties and generate image-rich daily email reports that keep our customers in the loop. We're here for peace of mind.

Event Security

Since 2004, we have provided security teams that set up, clean up, and protect fans at Alberta's concerts and music festivals, sporting events, and mass gatherings. Whether you're looking for event staff and security in Calgary or Edmonton, we're happy to help!

Learn why we're known around the world for how we do shows.

Stay Cool...

Hostile customer interactions are on the rise in retail businesses.

Our de-escalation training teaches practical skills to workers facing challenging interactions.

Through a self-directed online course, we use relatable storytelling and engaging content to build confidence around early intervention and help everyone stay cool.


Our partners have built amazing brands.
It's our privilege to represent them.

Our customers are our partners, because facilitating safety is a collaborative effort.
We take our role in it seriously, and expect the same in return.

We are fortunate to work with incredible partners that are global leaders in their fields.


"We have weekly security with XA and they have been excellent to work with. They are extremely proactive in de-escalating situations and care about the safety of my staff. They are receptive to feedback and always very reliable!"

Erica B.

"XA has been a tremendous partner to the DI during the 2020 year. To facilitate safe practices, while maintaining service to Calgary’s most vulnerable, we had to embark on opening multiple locations in a short period of time. Our clients often have complex needs and require staff to approach interactions from a lens of compassion, kindness, flexibility and solution oriented. XA was not a typical security company, but listened to our needs and their staff have been a value add to our Agency. We value them so much that now, when we embark on planning for any additional sites, it is just a given that XA will be our security team in place. We have found a lasting partnership with their support and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who works with public, especially vulnerable populations."

Jenn M.
Calgary Drop In Centre

"XA was fantastic to work with. They were very responsive to my security needs and went over and above to make sure that every last detail was looked after. I would work with them again, without hesitation."

Shannon F.
Activate HR


Despite what our accountants may prefer, revenue is not what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Our experience and education includes physical security, criminal justice, emergency medicine, military operations, crowd dynamics, food and beverage operations, occupational health and safety, and major event logistics.

More importantly though - we are also customers, parents, students, and music fans. We are people, and we set out to create a team that manages risk by building relationships.

It might be groundbreaking in the security business that our guiding value is kindness. But it shouldn't be.

President, Founder

In 2004, Chris founded the company to staff local live events. Today, he is a sought after major live event producer with global experience. He has grown the XA team to hundreds strong, and has established the company as a recognized crowd management leader. He is driven by ethics, social responsibility, and community building.


If you value safety, learning, and empathy, a career with us might be for you.

We have great perks, like above average earnings, access to Alberta's best live events, and a management style focused on coaching, development, and growth.


We Plan. We Adapt. We Smile.