What do we look for when hiring security guards?

Angus Gastle

When hiring security guards, we don't just look for individuals to fill a position. Beyond the basics we require—Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course (ABST), First Aid, as well as ProTect, and ProServe certifications—we seek out dedicated individuals who are committed to providing exceptional service, and are capable of creating and repairing processes. We are honest about what the role demands to attract the right candidates. Wondering what it takes to work at XA Security? Here's what we look for when hiring:

Desire to help: What we love to do most is to be helpful and create better experiences for people. We foster a secure, yet welcoming atmosphere for your guests. We smile! Our ideal candidates are those who genuinely want to do the job, make a difference and help others.

Problem-solving abilities: Our guards are proactive problem solvers who are always prepared to respond to and handle any situation. We’re smart. And we want individuals who can think on their feet and find solutions to challenges as they arise.

Commitment to excellence: We want individuals who are eager to elevate the security industry. Are you willing to put in the effort to continuously improve and excel in your role?

Effective communication: Effective communication is crucial for ensuring smooth operations, coordinating with team members, and addressing any issues or emergencies efficiently. Our guards articulate details clearly and concisely, ensuring accurate documentation, and facilitating follow-up actions.

Patience and responsiveness: Security situations can be tense and challenging. We seek individuals who can remain patient, respond calmly, and refrain from reacting impulsively in high-pressure situations.

Professionalism and punctuality: We expect candidates to be professional in their demeanor and actions, respecting deadlines and commitments.

Attention to detail: The small things matter. We look for individuals who pay attention to the details, ensuring accuracy and quality in everything they do.

Overall, the right candidate must be vigilant, professional, a great decision-maker, and effective communicator to ensure the safety and security of people and property. We recruit individuals who align with our values and are dedicated to providing excellent service. If you're interested in joining our team, be prepared to demonstrate your dedication, professionalism, and passion.

Visit our Careers page for the latest job openings—best of luck on your application.